The plush pleasure of designer
velvet fabrics

Velvet Upholstery Fabric

Luxurious curtain &
upholstery velvet fabric collections

Explore our luxurious collections of plain and printed velvet fabrics in our designer fabric shop in Blackpool. Discover the latest velvet collections from the leading fabric design houses such as Osbourne & Little, Designers Guild and Style Library to name a few.

View our small gallery of velvets to get an insight into our ranges. To view our extensive full collection visit our showroom.

Sumptuous luxury crushed velvet fabric

Discover top quality velvet and crushed velvet in a wide variety of printed and plain designs. Perfect for curtains, upholstery and furnishings to add an elegant touch of luxury.

Velvets can make a home, or any setting for that matter, feel very luxurious. Its shimmer and plush character can really brighten up any room. If you choose to use it for your curtains you will see the difference from using a this style of fabric, as velvet really does stand out. Upholster a chair, couch or cushions and feel the cosy softness. Our designer fabric store in Blackpool has a large range of styles. From non-shine to shine, plain to patterned, and colours ranging from the prettiest pinks to the deepest green velvet fabric.

Depending on the angle that you look at velvet, it can look a different shade of colour due to the angled reflection of light. It’s always important to consider this change when using velvet for upholstery, due to the use and wear over time. The same applies to curtains when using velvets. Always seek advice from our staff and an upholsterer or curtain maker in the intended setting before starting work. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with the interiors team at Artisan Tiles & Interiors.