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Discover Artisan’s large selection of designer luxury wallpaper from leading design houses and designers from around the world! Whether you are seeking wallpaper for your bedroom, living room or anywhere else, we have every style, colour and design you could want in our wallpaper shop in Blackpool. We also offer a bespoke interior styler service to ensure your walls are adorned with the look you want. Please get in touch with our team if you would like to find out more.

Our boutique luxury wallpaper collection has been hand selected to ensure all of our clients have a wide selection to suit any taste, whether it’s the latest styles, the quirkiest patterns or the finest materials.

For each style we only have a limited amount of our wallpapers on display. To view our extensive full collection of designer wallpaper books, please visit our showroom.

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Here at Artisan Tiles & Interiors, we’re passionate about designer wallpaper just as much as we are with tiles! Explore our large range of wallpaper books that have been hand selected from leading world and British wallpaper designers.  Manufacturers such as Cole & Son, Designers Guild Wallpaper, KAI, Osbourne & Little Wallpaper, Romo, Style Library, Wemyss, Prestigious Wallpaper and 1838 Wallpaper to name a few. We also have household named designer wallpaper from the likes of Versace Wallpaper, Ralph Lauren Wallpaper, Mathew Williamson Wallpaper, Orla Kiely, William Morris, Nina Campbell and Christian Lacroix. The very best luxury designer wallpaper in Blackpool & Lytham. If this isn’t your style don’t worry, we have many other collections at competitive prices.

We ensure that we have a wide choice of modern wallpaper and traditional wallpaper designs that show quality. Selecting the wallpaper for your home or commercial location can be hard sometimes, so we have a wide range of wallpaper designs and textured Wallpaper to ensure you will find a stunning Wallpaper that’s perfect for you! From Luxury Wallpaper to Children’s Wallpaper, we have everything to suit any style or budget. We believe we supply the very best Blackpool Wallpaper.

We believe if you are going to use wallpaper for a project, then you should go bold! Skip the feature Wallpaper wall and opt for a cohesive look that runs through the room. A great way to do this is to wallpaper a small room, such as a dressing room or cloakroom.

With our ranges, you can get creative with the latest wallpaper styles and trends! Our geometric wallpaper ranges are perfect to introduce, and modern wallpaper feels to your home. Geometric wallpaper patterns offer a timeless classic wallpaper style that provides an elegant and sophisticated feel to your space. We also love our textured wallpaper that has many designs and textures to offer a subtle yet elegant touch. A favourite style of ours at Artisan Tiles & Interiors is our wide range of floral wallpapers, especially the oversized ranges we have! Floral wallpaper with a jungle style vibe continues to offer contemporary wallpaper designs. Our extensive patterned wallpaper collections continue to provide a wide variety of options to find the perfect style for you. From plain, coloured or intrinsic can repeat printed photos to offer countless styles. Choosing a bold or subtle bedroom and  living room wallpaper can provide a feature and a talking point for your guests.

Overall, we are sure that you will find a wallpaper style that is just perfect for you! Buying wallpaper in Blackpool from a respectable and brand trusted supplier ensures that you are left feeling 100% satisfied with the quality, style, service, and overall wallpaper buying experience is fantastic! We take pride in the wallpaper products we sell.